Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The life in the eWarrior World
Went to visit the new sparkling Apple Store at the last night. It looks like Apple products and Macintosh's with their power, ease of use and elegance will soon become a tool of choice for many eWarrior companies as mainstream software migrates from Windows application to the Web. I haven't thought about owning an powerbook or other pc, although I love the ipod.

Apple is working hard on its brand with a beautifully layed out store with sections for Business, Personal, Video, Music, and a Genius Bar. The Genius Bar is staffed by very knowledgeable sales and support experts. Some very interesting people come by their to expand their knowledge in addition to getting tech support. These "geniuses" (isn't that a great marketing/branding concept) can do anything from answer questions to troubleshooting the machines. Some of the very elegant new products include a Macintosh configured fully in about a 8 x 8 inch square. Its called the Mac mini and currently retails at $499 w/o monitor).

After the account executive then led me to a white porceline monitor. "Where is the computer?" I asked. Then he said look at the side of the monitor and voila there was a dvd drive and finally he said the computer is built into the monitor. Boy, how different from the days when the monitor was built into the computer. That was a "wow" moment. To see that innovative design that the flat screen display was actually a fully functioning Macintosh. The word "hip/cool/avant garde/futuristic/innovative" come to mind. Other interesting products included their competitor to Powerpoint called "Keynoter". The interesting part of keynoter is the ability to easily embed audio and video clips into your presentation.

They also now have a powerbook laptop with a gorgeous 17 inch screen with support for playing DVD's on a 30" High Definition Display. You can find these at www.apple.com/business and other parts of the website. If you stop in you might even see some of the local celebrities such as Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver and some of the Carolina Panthers. I read an article about the genius bar in the SF area and it said Joe Montana stops in from time to time.

The local stores also offer "free classes" on the various macintosh products. If you haven't thought about Apples and Macs in a while.... the times may be a changin".

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