Sunday, May 15, 2005

Skype - No Hype

Using internet phone service is another one of those areas where the trendsetters are using services. A group of my associates are using a service called Skype.
This service allows us to have free phone calls over the internet and paid calls from a pc to a real phone and even conference in up to 4 individuals. In addition this product works on pc's, mac's and linux machines. They also have given users the ability to easily transfer files and chat. Skype has an on-line worldwide directory so you can find business associates, friends and family. In addition, they have an invite a friend link to send an invitation to try out Skype which comes with a cute little animation attached. As of this writing over 70 million downloads of this software have occurred. This is just the beginning of internet phones. All you eWarriors out there should check it out.

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