Sunday, February 26, 2006


Business week just featured and article about the concept of media company's buying up websites and editorial content. Robert Pittman and their private equity firm have invested in an eNewsletter/website called There are specific on-line editions in 10 cities from New York, LA, Miami and next is Atlanta.

This eNewsletter and website allow for new trends in fashion, restaurants, entertainment to be marketed to a very valued target audience, mostly women 18-34 with income and spending power.

Business weeks says that this webzine may be worth as much as $100 million dollars.

The trick to the valuation is to have a very professional staff and approach including a professional editorial team and advertising sales team. The rate card for advertising in Daily Candy goes from a few thousand dollars per ad to the thirty thousand plus per city edition. DailyCandy claims more than one million subscribers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Learing about Podcasts

I have been fortunate to have be able to learn about radio first hand during college as a disc jockey and sports director at my college radio station and during my summers working at WNBC radio in New York.

Podcasting is a simple way to get your message to an audience via your computer. I have been looking and thinking about doing my own podcasts for about a year now. I have been analyzing the options and learning as much as I can.

I have read Podcasting for Dummies, visited websites, traded e-mails with some of the individuals who created podcasting, listened to podcasts, etc.

Since the holiday season, when my children received iPods, I have been learning and using iTunes. I have also been talking to about the books they have in MP3 format to see how I can develop and audio book.

Well, bottom line is that I believe I have begun to demystify this concept and can see clearly how businesses, authors, musicians can take advantage of developing their own podcasts. The trick as in everything will be on how to create an audience to promote it.

My plan is to have my first podcast produced shortly. I will detail some of the trials and tribulations about this.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

eWarrior and join forces

Back in 1997, when I first created the concept for eWarrior, I had combined my background of ten years at Home Box Office with my ten years of sales and marketing consulting to conceive of the new era of web and wireless based services for the sales professional and business executive. We started out working with WebEx and building a portal for sales professional.

We are excited to announce a new relationship with using to bring our eWarrior philosophy to action. is an application with "no software" to install to get up in running. In fact, we can conoConsult with companies throughout the world. Why is so revolutionary? In the past, if you wanted to expand your business, you had to consider investments in hardware and support of network.

Here are some benefits to this type of solution:

1) Expand into a new market by just having a sales executive or new employee log in via the web.
2) Traditional companies had focus on just the sales aspect of the customer relationship. extends this to a very powerful customer service component with “cases and solutions”.
3) Marketing – all e-mails sent out via are easily tracked back
4) Dashboard – There is a highly customizable executive dashboard to quickly see your business operations
5) Powerful deal forecasting – There are routines for powerful integration of this into your business.

As on the journey, and eWarrior are still at the beginning of this journey. Ewarrior’s intention is to help evangelize these types of solutions. Over the next few months you will see information from this blog regarding that.