Saturday, June 23, 2007

LinkedIn and the Blogosphere

The journey on LinkedIn has been an interesting one. I first strategically used LinkedIn to build my networks of contacts in Silicon Valley in the entrepreneurial startup area.

One of the unexpected surprises of my networking on LinkedIn and also in associated Yahoo Groups such as LinkedinBloggers, is that a group of bloggers have connected from around the world.

The collaboration is exciting as we share new tools and strategies and help each other to build audiences for our blogs.

Today, I have read a post about "pay per post" blogging from an Australian Blogger, I was interested in this topic as I just started to investigate this as a way to earn money. Meg who writes a blog called Dipping Into the Blogpond about Australian blogging and signed up for a 10-days to a better blog e-course from Wendy Piersall who writes eMomsathome. Good stuff from "trusted" authors.

Some of us are sharing our "Blogs of the Week" and commenting or "Stumbling" them on

The blogging is a fun journey with unexpected destinations.

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