Thursday, May 10, 2007

Social Networking - LinktoCharlotte

This area of social networking is now accelerating. As of this week we are in a test and beta phase of a new social network called "LinktoCharlotte"

This site is really to complement the work we do on LinkedIn and on the LinkedinCharlotte Yahoo Group.

This is day 10 of the setup of that site and there are some really outstanding features including the ability to list your own events and charge for them, moderate your own special groups and to use RSS (really simple syndication) to link news to and from this website.

We are starting out with a few different levels of users. General Member, Contributor, Sponsor and Group.

We are growing by invitation only in this private beta test. Social networking on a local level seems to have powerful implications not only for those that live here, but for those who are planning to relocate. About 20% of our members are not living in Charlotte currently. About 10% of these plan to relocate here.

We expect to accelerate the growth of this site as we make a plan for a major announcment in June.

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