Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Learing about Podcasts

I have been fortunate to have be able to learn about radio first hand during college as a disc jockey and sports director at my college radio station and during my summers working at WNBC radio in New York.

Podcasting is a simple way to get your message to an audience via your computer. I have been looking and thinking about doing my own podcasts for about a year now. I have been analyzing the options and learning as much as I can.

I have read Podcasting for Dummies, visited websites, traded e-mails with some of the individuals who created podcasting, listened to podcasts, etc.

Since the holiday season, when my children received iPods, I have been learning and using iTunes. I have also been talking to about the books they have in MP3 format to see how I can develop and audio book.

Well, bottom line is that I believe I have begun to demystify this concept and can see clearly how businesses, authors, musicians can take advantage of developing their own podcasts. The trick as in everything will be on how to create an audience to promote it.

My plan is to have my first podcast produced shortly. I will detail some of the trials and tribulations about this.

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